How To Shrink Underwear? [The Easiest Way]

Loose-fitting underwear can never be comfortable to wear. But before you throw away your loose-fitting underwear, consider trying to shrink the fabric. Shrinking underwear may seem a bit complicated to many people, but no, it’s very simple.


In this article, we will tell you how to shrink underwear that are too big. The easiest way to shrink underwear is to first wash the underwear using very hot water.


Then place the underwear in a cloth dryer, wear it after it dries and you will see that the underwear will fit snugly on your skin. However, this method may not be completely effective for all fabric underwear. To know how to make underwear shrink, first, you need to know what fabric your underwear is made of.


Generally comfortable and good quality underwear is made of cotton, spandex, and polyester fabrics, so for your convenience in this article, we will discuss how to shrink the underwear of all these fabrics.


How To Shrink Cotton Underwear That Is Too Big?

How To Shrink Cotton Underwear That Is Too Big


The most comfortable and best fabric for underwear is cotton. Underwear made of cotton is very breathable and sweat-resistant. How to shrink cotton underwear, it is very easy and simple, above all you need to use heat.


First, soak the underwear in hot water for 10 minutes. Then dip the underwear completely in water. Hot water is very effective for shrinking underwear. Then wash the underwear by hand or machine with hot water.


Do not use detergent, but you can use Tide Laundry Detergent if you want to clean the underwear at the same time with shrinking. This detergent will not prevent shrinking.


After washing, drain the water and put the underwear in the dryer, keep the underwear at the maximum temperature of the dryer. Observe the underwear after a while if the underwear is still wet, leave the underwear in the heat of the dryer for a while more.


Then wear the underwear and you will see that the underwear is no longer loose and the underwear will fit snugly with your skin.



How To Shrink Polyester Underwear?

Polyester is a very durable fabric and underwear made of polyester fabric is premium to look at due to its attractive design. The problem is that polyester resists shrinkage.


But you can also shrink polyester underwear if you take some steps. Now we will tell you step by step how to shrink polyester underwear. Not just underwear, you can shrink all polyester dresses using this same method.


First, turn the underwear inside out. Because polyester needs enough heat to shrink and enough heat can cause the color to fade, put the underwear inside out so the color doesn’t fade. And do not wash the underwear with other clothes.


Then wash the underwear by hand or machine for a long time in hot water. Hot water is best for shrinking than cold water. You don’t need to add detergent to the washing machine, but use detergent if you want to clean the underwear with a wash. We will recommend Tide Laundry Detergent as the best for cleaning.


After washing, keep the underwear by setting the maximum heat in the dryer, as the maximum heat will be perfect for the underwear shrink, and try to dry for a long time. When the underwear is completely dry, take it out of the dryer and leave it at room temperature for a while.


Then you wear underwear and you will see that the underwear has shrunk enough, and in the same way, you can also shrink other dresses made of polyester fabric.



How To Shrink Spandex Underwear?

Sports or fashion spandex is always the best as a comfortable fabric. Spandex underwear is very breathable and sweat-resistant, but the problem is it becomes stretched out over time.


Another problem is that spandex underwear is made of a mixture of fabrics, meaning that other fabrics are also mixed with spandex.


However, the spandex underwear is stretched, but it is not difficult to shrink. Now we will tell you how to shrink spandex underwear.


First, check if the underwear is made of a mixture of spandex and other fabrics. Because the shrinkage of the underwear will be more or less depending on the mix.


Then wash the underwear in hot water. But spandex fabric is similar to cotton which shrinks faster than synthetic fabric.


After washing the underwear, keep it in the dryer at a high temperature, if you can fill it in a cover before putting it in the dryer, it will not expand in the dryer.


Be sure to keep the underwear in the dryer for a long time, then take it out of the dryer and keep it at normal temperature for a while. Then wear the underwear if it is still loose then repeat this process of shrinking.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to shrink underwear waistband?

 A: To shrink the underwear waistband you should soak underwear in hot water for at least 5 minutes. Or if you want to shrink your underwear more then set the drawer at the hottest temperature and keep them for 20 minutes.


 Q: How to shrink lace underwear?

 A: Lace underwear is slightly difficult to shrink, to shrink lace underwear keep them in a hot water bowl for a while.


 Q: How to shrink nylon underwear?

 A: Simple, wash them on hot water by hand or machine, then keep them dryer at hot temperature.


 Q: How to shrink PSD underwear?

 A: Not only PSD underwear, to shrink any brand underwear you have to wash them on hottest water for a while, and place them on hot dryers.


 Q: How much will 100% cotton shrink?

 A: If the cotton is pre-shrunk then it can shrink more than 2-5 percent, and if the cotton is not pre-shrunk then it can shrink up to 20%.


 Q: Does 100% silk shrink?

 A: Silk is a luxury material, and proper care and careful wash can shrink them, so to shrink silk wash them in the hottest water carefully.


Q: How to shrink 100% cotton underwear?

 A: It’s very simple, wash cotton underwear at the hottest temperature for 5 minutes, and keep them on dryer high temperature for 20 minutes.



Final Words

In this article, we have told you how to shrink underwear and we have given you a clear idea about this.


We have told you how to shrink underwear and dresses of all fabrics including cotton, polyester, and spandex. We are sure that after reading this article, you will have no more questions about how to shrink your underwear.


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