How To Get Poop Stains Out of Underwear? [4 Easy Ways]

Underwear is one of our daily necessities. However, many times our underwear gets stained unintentionally or by mistake. However, the cause of underwear stains is mainly blood, feces, and urine.


Usually, brown stains or poop stains on underwear are not removed in a normal wash so you need to wash the underwear especially.


Poop Stein looks very disgusting and it is an annoying thing especially in white underwear. Because of this many people ask how to get poop stains out of white underwear?


Don’t worry, in this article, we will give you a complete idea about removing poop stain or brown stain.


First of all, we want to tell you that both brown stains and poop stains are the same. No matter what you say poop stain or brown stain, both are the same and you can wash and clean both in the same way.


In this article, we will tell you how to get old poop stains out of underwear and how to get brown stains out of underwear. So without wasting time let’s find out how to remove poop stains from underwear. Here we will tell you to step by step.



How to Get Poop Stains Out of My Underwear?

Step 1: Cold Water Wash

wash the underwear in cold water


To remove poop stain from underwear you must wash the underwear in cold water. Using hot water locks the stain on the underwear and the stain then becomes chronic.


So washing underwear in hot water can make the stain last longer. If your white underwear has a poop stain, soak it in very cold water for more than 10 minutes. You will see that as a result of soaking in cold water, it has already started removing stains without any intervention.


However, you must wash the underwear single, which means it cannot be washed with much underwear. This is because washing other underwear with colored underwear in this manner can result in discoloration of other clothes.


if you want to know how to get poop stains out of cotton underwear then you can follow this same method. And in this same way, you can remove the poop stain of underwear of all fabrics including cotton and polyester.



Step 2: Hydrogen Peroxide Wash

Once your underwear is finished washing in cold water, evaluate its current condition. You may notice that the condition of the underwear has changed somewhat, and you may notice that stain has already begun to be removed.


Now you need to take a few steps based on the color of the underwear. If your underwear is white then there will be no problem, soak the underwear in water and mix bleach with it and rub lightly on the stain. However, if your underwear is coloring, you need to be careful. Now we will tell you how to get poop stains out of colored underwear.


If your underwear is coloring, don’t use too much bleach because too much bleach can ruin the color of your underwear. Also, be careful when using bleach and use hand gloves to protect the skin. Excess bleach can damage the fabric of your underwear.


However, to prevent the color and fabric of the fabric from being damaged, you can use OxiClean Color Booster Stains Remover Bleach. It is very powerful and very effective for stain removal. You can also add some salt to the water so that the color of your colored underwear does not fade.



Step 3: Normal Wash and Dry

In this step, you have to wash the underwear normally. Because if you follow the above steps, you will see that the stain of your underwear has already been removed and the underwear looks like before again.


However, do not let the underwear dry after the bleach wash and wash the underwear again in normal water. You can use hot or cold water for a normal wash. Then let the underwear dry.


However, some stains are old and do not go away easily, and if the stain is not completely removed even after following the steps above, then you should follow the final step below.



Step 4: Use Secret Powerful Laundry Detergent

Even if you can’t remove the stain by following the steps above, there is no problem, because there are some stubborn stains. We are recommending to you some Powerful Secret Laundry Detergent Of Seven Generations which can easily remove all the stains on clothes or underwear.


These detergents are very powerful and very effective for removing stains and they do not damage the fabric and do not fade the color of the fabric.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to get old poop stains out of underwear?

 A: First mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with some water, then leave the mixture on the stain for some time. Then remove the stain by rubbing lightly and washing and cleaning.


 Q: How to get poop stains out of white underwear?

 A: If the stain is normal then use detergent while washing and if the stain is hard then mix vinegar or baking soda with water and remove the stain.


 Q: How to get old poop stains out of cotton underwear?

 A: It’s easy, just take a tablespoon of vinegar with some water and make a paste. Then apply the paste on the stain spot, if the stain is hard then rub gently and wash.


 Q: How to get old poop stains out of toddler underwear?

 A: The same process, take some baking soda or vinegar and mix them with some water, then apply the mixture on the stain and rub gently.


 Q: How do you get brown stains out of underwear?

 A: Brown stains are usually hard and difficult to remove, but nothing is difficult when you are using bleach, baking soda, or vinegar to remove stains. You can use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, or bleach to remove brown stains.



Final Words

In this article, we have told you how to remove poop stain and brown stain from underwear. And we also told you how to remove stains from white underwear and colorful underwear.


We are sure that after reading this article you will no longer have any problem with removing all types of stains including poop stains or brown in underwear.


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