How To Get Period Blood Out of Underwear? [2 Simple Ways]

Underwear is our daily necessities and you must take underwear with you wherever you are at home or on trips, tours. But many times our underwear or pantie gets stained unintentionally or by mistake which makes our favorite underwear or pantie disgusting.


The main causes of pantie or underwear stains are mainly blood, feces, and urine. Most of the time the cause of stain in girls underwear is menstrual blood which makes your beautiful underwear ugly. And most of the time it happens inadvertently and unintentionally.


Some fresh and new period stains go away with a normal wash as soon as they are applied. But some old stains never go away in a normal wash.


In this article we will tell you how to get period blood stains out of underwear (new period stains) ‍and how do you remove old blood stains from underwear. We have divided the article into two parts for your convenience.


In the first part of the article, we will tell you how to remove normal stains and new period stains from underwear. And in the second part, we will tell you how to remove all the stains including old bloodstains from the underwear.


So without wasting time let’s find out how to remove all kinds of stains from underwear.



How To Remove New Period Stains From Underwear?

First of all, we tell you that removing stains from underwear is not a difficult task. No matter how hard or old the stain is, you can easily remove the stain from the underwear.


However, in this part of the article, we will tell you how to remove new and normal stains from underwear. We will tell you to step by step for your convenience.



Step 1: Remove Excess Stains From Underwear

When removing new stains, you must first remove the extra stains from the underwear. Since there are blood stains, you can use a brush instead of a hand to remove the extra stains.



Step 2: Soak The Underwear In Cold Water And Rub Gently

Always use cold water to remove underwear stains. If you wash the underwear using hot water, the stains on the underwear will be long-lasting. So to remove new stains from the underwear, soak the underwear in cold water and gently rub on the stains.



Step 3: Use Laundry Detergent

You can remove new or normal bloodstains by following the steps above and you don’t have to use detergent for this. But if the new stains are not removed even after following the steps above, you can remove the stains by using Tide Laundry Detergent.




How To Get Old Period Stains Out Of Underwear?

You may find it difficult to remove old stains from your underwear, such as poop stains or bloodstains. But we tell you, nothing is impossible.


You can remove any hard and old stains from underwear by following a few steps. We will now tell you in this part of the article how to remove all kinds of old stains from underwear.


You can also remove stains on any clothes by following these steps so if anyone wants to know how to get blood out of clothes then this part is for you.



Step 1: Cold Water Wash

Already above we have told you that to remove stains from underwear or other clothing you must wash it using extra cold water. Because of hot water locks and prolongs the stain instead of removing it.


So to remove hard and old stains from the underwear, you must first put the underwear in extra cold water for at least 10 minutes.


However, you should always wash the underwear alone to remove stains. Because it will not stain or color the other underwear. After soaking the underwear in extra cold water you will notice that the stain has started to rise without any interference.



Step 2: Hydrogen Peroxide Wash

Washing in cold water will remove a lot of underwear stains, and if the stains do not go away, then use bleach. Gently rub on the stains while washing using bleach and you will see the stains go away.


But there are some things to keep in mind while washing underwear or other clothes using bleach:

  • Use Hand Gloves when using bleach.
  • Mix the right amount of bleach in water. Excess bleach can make underwear unusable.



Step 3: Use Secret Powerful Laundry Detergent

Some hard stains cannot be removed by washing using bleach. For that, we are recommending to you some Powerful Secret Laundry Detergent Of Seven Generations which can easily remove all kinds of stains including poop stains and blood stains from clothes and underwear.



Step 4: Normal Wash and Dry

After removing the stain by following the steps above, wash and dry the underwear again in normal water. Washing underwear in normal water will remove water mixed with detergent or bleach. But now even if you use hot water, there is no problem.




Final Words

In this article, we have told you how to remove all kinds of stains from underwear including period stains. And for your convenience, we have come up with different formulas for removing normal stains and old or hard stains.


In this article, we have also told you how to get period blood out of panties or underwear. So we hope that after reading this article, you will not have any problem with removing underwear stains.


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