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Underwear is our daily necessity, and almost all teenagers, adults, and elderly men and women regularly use underwear. Every day we have to wear underwear with almost all the clothes no matter what we wear. And many of us like to call our underwear by various names.


And in this article, we will tell you some sweet names of underwear that everyone will love to hear. We will also tell you what to call underwear in different countries. So let’s look at the 35 sweet names of underwear.



Underwear Names List


  1. Underpants
  2. Undies
  3. Nether Garments
  4. Drawers
  5. Balbriggan’s
  6. Lingerie
  7. Underclothes
  8. Panties
  9. Underline
  10. Small Clothes
  11. Undergarments
  12. Slip
  13. Brassier
  14. Underclothing
  15. Boxer
  16. Briefs
  17. Boxer Briefs
  18. Girdle
  19. Bodice
  20. Undershirt
  21. Jockeys
  22. Camisole
  23. Bloomers
  24. Teddy
  25. Knickers
  26. Chemise
  27. Petticoat
  28. Diaper
  29. Intimate Things
  30. Nightie
  31. Dungaree
  32. Bra
  33. Frock
  34. Corset
  35. Denim


How Do You Say Underwear?

How you call your underwear is entirely up to you. Many people call underwear by this name, while others call it by different names. We have already told you some underwear synonyms and sweet names. If you are talking about me, I often call underwear sweet names such as Undies, Jockeys, and Underclothes.



What Is Another Name for Underwear?

We have already told you some funny and sweet names for underwear. But what is another word for underwear and bra? Well, that is undergarments or underclothes.


Yes, you can also call underwear undergarments, underclothes, and undies. But what are the funny words for underwear? Dungaree, undies, bloomers, bodice, drawers, petticoat are funny words for underwear.



How Do You Call A Woman’s Underwear?

Most of the names we have shown you above are women’s underwear names. There are many names for women’s underwear and some of them are sweet and some are weird. And here in this part of this article, we will tell you some sweet and weird underwear names for ladies.

  1. Undies
  2. Undergarments
  3. Brassier
  4. Lingerie
  5. Bra
  6. Frock
  7. Petticoat
  8. Girdle
  9. Nightie
  10. Chemise



Why Is Underwear Called Drawers?

Many of us may have used underdrawers as a synonym for underwear. But do we know why we use underdrawers as a synonym for underwear? If you think it is used to store underwear in drawers, let me tell you, no it’s not.


The term drawer has been used for clothing such as pants and underwear since the 18th century. It comes from the verb draw which is used in the sense of pull, which probably means to pull with the foot.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you say underwear in Spanish?

A: The Spanish name for underwear is Ropa Interior.


 Q: How do you say underwear in French?

A: The French name for underwear is Sous-vêtement.


 Q: How do you say underwear in Italian?

A: The Italian name for underwear is Biancheria Intima. 


 Q: How do you say underwear in Polish?

A: The Polish name for underwear is Bielizna.


 Q: How do you say underwear in German?

A: The German name for underwear is Unterwäsche.


 Q: How do you say underwear in Portuguese?

A: The Portuguese name for underwear is Roupaíntima.


 Q: How do you say underwear in British?

A: Knickers is the standard word for underwear mainly in Britain.


 Q: How do you say underwear in Chinese?

A: The Chinese name for underwear is 内衣.


 Q: How do you say underwear in Japanese?

A: The Japanese name for underwear is 下着.


 Q: How do you say underwear in Russian?

A: The Russian name for underwear is нижнеебелье.




In this article, we have told you some of the funniest and sweet names of men’s and women’s underwear. In this article, we also tell you the different names of underwear used in different countries. We hope that you enjoy this article and after reading this article you are aware of different names for underwear.


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