Best Way To Organize Underwear Drawer [Jun-2023]

Has it ever happened that you go somewhere in a hurry and can’t find the right underwear to wear with the dress? Or it may be that you organized the drawer of socks, bra, or underwear 2 days ago but now it has turned into a pile of knots.


But did you know that you can easily decorate the drawer of your socks, bra, or underwear in a very short time? And in this article, we will let you know how to organize underwear drawer DIY (do it yourself).




Best Way To Organize Underwear Drawer

Organizing an underwear drawer doesn’t require too much time or effort, just a few things to keep in mind. With a few things in mind, you can easily organize your underwear drawer very neatly. And in this part of the article, we will give you an idea of how to organize underwear drawers perfectly.



Separate And Arrange Your Underwear

First place the random underwear from the underwear drawer on your floor or bed. Undoubtedly it is a very easy and less time-consuming task. Then choose the unnecessary and unusable underwear from the underwear. Separate underwear that is cracked, stained, and that you don’t usually wear or that doesn’t suit you. There is no need for these.


Now separate the good underwear based on style and if you are a woman, keep the bras separate from the underwear. Women are also very sensitive about the color of the underwear, so you can also differentiate the underwear based on color if you want.



Fold Your Underwear

All you have to do after separating the underwear is to fold the underwear. The easiest and most effective way to fold underwear is square folding and rolling. The square folding method allows you to easily fold the underwear into a square shape. And folding the underwear in the rolling method will require very little space to store it. And if you still don’t know how to roll men’s underwear and women’s panties, you can take a look at our how to roll underwear article.



Store Your Underwear

The next step in separating the underwear and folding or rolling it neatly is to store the underwear. Ikea skubb storage is best for storing underwear properly. Also by using a drawer organizer Ikea you can store socks and baby clothes in addition to underwear. There are some underwear organizer drawer dividers on the market for more bra-panty storage and to store a lot of men’s underwear together.





Best Way To Organize Women’s Underwear Drawer

Best Way To Organize Women’s Underwear Drawer

Most women’s collections have a lot of underwear and bras. And knots are not uncommon if the underwear drawer is not well organized. And that’s why in this part of this article we will give you a clear idea about how to organize underwear and bras drawer.


First of all, you have to separate the unnecessary underwear and bras. Also, separate the bras and underwear that are torn, stained, and do not suit you. Then separate the underwear by style.


There are many styles of women’s underwear like a thong, bikini, boy shorts, etc. Then fold the underwear of your choice and need. There is no need to fold the bras. Put the folded underwear and bras in the underwear drawer.


Do you have an organized drawer for storing underwear in an organized drawer? If not, make it, although making an underwear organized drawer is a very time-consuming task and its finishing has to be perfect.


And if you want to avoid trouble, it is best to buy an organized drawer. Underwear-organized drawers are very affordable and we think just 2-3 drawers are enough to store all your underwear nicely.


SimpleHouseware closet underwear organizer drawer is the best underwear organizer drawer of all, where you can storage bras, underwear, and socks perfectly. Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers is another underwear organizer box where you can store a lot of underwear and bras.




Best Way To Organize Men’s Underwear Drawer

Best Way To Organize Men’s Underwear Drawer


Although most men do not have as much underwear as women. However, everyone wants the underwear drawer to be tidy. Organizing men’s underwear drawers is much easier and less time-consuming than for women. Let’s know how to organize men’s underwear drawers.


Like women, men’s underwear must be separated first. If there is any unnecessary or unusable underwear in the underwear drawer, it should be removed. Then you can separate the underwear based on color if you want, but it must be separated based on style.


There are usually 3 main styles of men’s underwear Boxer, Boxer Brief, and Brief Underwear, separate the underwear based on the style. Fold the underwear after separation. In our how to fold men’s underwear article we have shown you how to easily fold men’s underwear in different ways.


When the underwear is folded, store them in the drawer. To store men’s underwear and socks you can use an underwear organizer Ikea. Also, Joyoldelf underwear and socks organizer divider can be the best option for you to storage your underwear, and socks.




How To Organize Underwear Bras And Socks?

In this article, we have already shown you some of the best underwear organizer drawers where you can store underwear and shocks. But if you are looking for such an organizer drawer where you can store bras, underwear, t-shirts, and socks then you can use SimpleHouseware Foldable Cloth Storage Box.


To store underwear, socks, bras, and a t-shirt on it first you have to choose them. Then roll underwear and socks and fold the t-shirt in a traditional square shape. But don’t fold bras, arrange the bras one after the other. Now, look at how tidy your underwear drawer looks.




How To Store Undergarments In Closet?

How To Store Undergarments In Closet


There are many types of underwear organized drawers on the market today to store undergarments properly. Where you can store all your undergarments if you want. And we have already shown you some of the best underwear organizer drawers for men’s and women’s undergarments.


To store undergarments first fold them or roll them. But don’t fold bras, put bras one by one. Remember that if you fold the underwear nicely, the drawer of your underwear will look beautiful. And every time you take new underwear and before the store, you must keep the door tidy.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I organize my Drawers without a closet?

A: Simple, just use a drawer organizer to organize your drawers properly. You can use the Akro-Mils drawer organizer where you can organize up to 24 drawers at a time.


Q: Are drawer organizers good for guys’ underwear?

A: Of course, you can organize too many underwear, socks, shorts, shirts, and clothes at a time on a drawer organizer.





Lastly, how you organize your underwear drawers is entirely up to you, but of course, most people want to tidy up their underwear drawers. And if the underwear drawer is tidy, it will look beautiful and you will easily find the underwear of your choice in case of emergency.


And in this article, we tell you in detail how to keep an underwear drawer completely tidy. And we have shown you some underwear drawers to organize your underwear, socks, bras, and t-shirts nicely. We’ve also shared with you different ways to organize men’s and women’s underwear drawers, so we hope you’ll have no problem organizing your underwear drawers after reading this article.


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